I'm looking for distractions


How can I distract myself?

If you are finding it hard to process what you’re going through, you might prefer to shift your attention onto something else for the time being.

This is where you can take a break from what you are experiencing and immerse yourself into a soothing or relaxing activity that you may really enjoy.


Lots of people find crafting a good distraction if their thoughts and feelings become too overwhelming

Play some music…

There’s something about music that uplifts us, which can have have a really powerful impact on our mood. Why not search for your favourite song or artist on YouTube or search using an Alexa or something similar.


Games can be about problem solving. It might help to distract yourself by focusing on solving something unrelated to what you are going through. Need a distraction? click on the 3 white lines at the top left of the page and go to (Distraction games)You will find puzzle, logic and fun games to play for free, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy 🙂

It can be helpful to try and use distraction techniques as part of your plan to stay safe. Distractions can bring focus to something else which can help quieten those thoughts.