I'm looking for support


What support is out there…

If you decide that you do need to ask for help, this is where you can find some options on where to go, as well as suggestions on how to search for services that might be more specific to you.

Here is a list of crisis services that you might find useful…

Crisis service

Situations when this service can help

Accident and Emergency (A&E)
(emergency support)
You need immediate medical help, especially if you think you might act on suicidal thoughts, or you’ve harmed yourself and need urgent medical attention.
Emergency GP appointments
(emergency support)
You need urgent support for your mental health, but there’s no immediate danger to your safety or the safety of others.
Listening services (telephone
You need to talk to someone right away about how you’re feeling.
Crisis teams (Crisis resolution and home treatment team) When you need urgent support, and you are already in contact with your local mental health services.
Crisis houses When you need more intensive support than can be offered to you at home, but it’s not appropriate for you to be admitted to hospital.
Hospital admission
  • If not going to hospital would mean you or others would be at risk of harm.
  • If you need intensive support which cannot be given to you at home
  • You need to have an assessment which cannot be done outside of hospital


Finding a service for ongoing support or treatment…

Sometimes just knowing that there is support out there, can help you to feel less alone.

If you can’t find anything that relates to you on this page, go to the (National Numbers/Websites) page under the heading, USEFUL PAGES. Alternatively try searching the following, using a search engine like Google…


  • local support groups

  • therapists near me

  • crisis team near me

  • mental health advocacy service contact information

  • mental health support groups near me

  • mindfulness courses near me

No matter how you’re feeling, or what situation you’re in there’s always a way forward, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.